The SSCY Research & Evaluation Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving proposals for all research:

  • conducted at SSCY Centre (including recruitment and data collection)
  • involving electronic medical records covered by the SSCY Data Sharing Agreement
  • that is about the SSCY Network

Review this page for application requirements (and the SSCY Research Access Guideline for full details) before submitting to the SSCY Research & Evaluation Committee.  It is recommended that you contact the SSCY Centre Research Development Coordinator (Shayna at or  (204) 258-6717) before submitting an application, to discuss the project requirements and application procedure, including recruitment methods and knowledge translation plans.

You can download our Guideline and Application Form here:

The SSCY Research & Evaluation Committee will review all research access submissions with an emphasis on issues such as:

  • Merit of the proposal
  • Alignment with SSCY Network’s mission, values, and principles
  • Inclusion of appropriate participant populations
  • Evidence of appropriate consultation with relevant population(s)
  • Benefits, risks, time requirements, and compensation to participants
  • Research methodology
  • Credentials of the researchers
  • Presence of ethical approval
  • Adherence to relevant privacy regulations (e.g. PHIA)
  • Impact on SSCY Centre resources (including personnel, equipment, and space)
  • Involvement of appropriate SSCY Network partners

Please submit the following documents (as applicable) to the SSCY Centre Research Development Coordinator (electronic submissions are preferred, to

  • SSCY Research Access Application Form
  • Signed signature page from the SSCY Research Access Guideline
  • Research protocol
  • Participant informed consent form (ICF)
  • Participant assent form
  • Questionnaires or other materials (such as a study cover letter) to be given to participants
  • Data collection forms
  • Advertisements and other recruitment materials (including posters, social media posts, recruitment scripts, etc)
  • Budget
  • Current Principal Investigator CV (REB CV is acceptable)
  • REB submission form
  • REB certificate of final approval
  • Approval letters from other institutions where the project will be conducted (e.g. Health Sciences Centre or St Boniface Hospital)
  • Health Canada Letter of No Objection
  • Clinical Trials Registry number

Other things to note:

  • Ethical approval is required, but is not a guarantee of approval from the SSCY Research & Evaluation Committee
  • All applications must include a knowledge translation (KT) plan to share study results and impact with SSCY Centre families, staff, and management
    • Review our KT page for more information
  • The layperson summary (question 17 on the SSCY Research Access Application Form) must be appropriate for a variety of audiences, and will be posted on the Research Walls at SSCY Centre and on the SSCY Network website
  • For research conducted at a SSCY Network partner facility that is not SSCY Centre, the PI is responsible for obtaining all required approvals
    • The PI may consult with the SSCY Research & Evaluation Committee for clarification or guidance regarding which approvals are required and how to obtain them