Knowledge translation and exchange is an important component of research at SSCY Centre; therefore researchers will be expected to share results appropriately with a variety of stakeholders.  Stakeholder audiences can include:

  • SSCY Centre clients and families
  • SSCY Centre clinicians, therapists, or other staff members of the SSCY Network
  • policy makers
  • other researchers
  • interested community members

Knowledge translation and exchange activities at SSCY Centre should:

  • be tailored to the audience
  • be framed in the context of other research in the field
  • explore the implications for SSCY Centre and stakeholders when appropriate

In this way, SSCY Centre will help foster an atmosphere of communication and collaboration between stakeholders and researchers to maximize the impact of relevant research. Information regarding past, ongoing and future research projects may be shared at SSCY Centre and on the SSCY Network website.

To view results from previous research at SSCY Centre, please visit our Past Research at SSCY Centre page.