The SSCY Network and Centre promote excellence in the field of pediatric rehabilitation by supporting and participating in research. Many SSCY Network partners have research programs, and you can learn more about each one on their website.

Research projects conducted at SSCY Centre must align with SSCY Network’s mission and values.  The overall goals of research at SSCY Centre are to:

  • learn more about issues that are important to our children, youth and families
  • improve care received through SSCY Centre
  • increase community participation
  • enhance quality of life

Clinicians and researchers both internal and external to the SSCY Network and Centre are encouraged to conduct research at SSCY Centre. SSCY Centre also encourages collaborative and multi-site research projects. The SSCY Research and Evaluation Committee reviews all proposals with an emphasis on issues such as:

  • merit of the proposal
  • alignment with SSCY Network’s mission and values
  • benefits and risks to the participants
  • research design
  • credentials of the researchers
  • presence of ethical approval
  • impact on the organization’s resources

The SSCY Network is an alliance of government departments, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) and various service provider agencies, and consists of both co-locating and non co-locating partners. SSCY Centre, located in Winnipeg at 1155 Notre Dame Ave., houses the co-locating partners.

The SSCY Research and Evaluation Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving proposals for all research:

  • conducted at SSCY Centre (including recruitment and data collection)
  • involving electronic medical records covered by the SSCY Data Sharing Agreement
  • that are about the SSCY Network.

For research conducted at a SSCY Network partner facility that is not SSCY Centre, the Principal Investigator is responsible for obtaining all required approvals. The PI may consult with the SSCY Research and Evaluation Committee for clarification or guidance regarding which approvals are required and how to obtain them.

The Rehabilitation Centre for Children Research Coordinator (funded by the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation) acts as the SSCY Centre Research Coordinator.  If you have any questions about conducting research at SSCY Centre, please contact Jessie at or (204) 258-6717.