Mission Statement:
SSCY is an alliance of families, community agencies, regional health authorities, and government that provides specialized community‐based services for children and youth to support them in reaching their full potential. SSCY services are delivered in a coordinated, integrated, family‐centred manner by bringing stakeholders together to provide expertise in service delivery, research, education and technology serving the Province of Manitoba and surrounding areas.

Values and Principles:
SSCY Partners are committed to the vision and principles of coordination and collaboration.

1. Person-/Family-Centred/Family-Driven

Children, youth, families, and groups/communities are active participants in the design and delivery of integrated service(s) to meet their needs. SSCY fosters an open, respectful, welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Diversity is honoured and is reflected in service delivery.

2. Accountability

Service delivery is transparent and accountable to clients, to the public and to funders. Partners understand their respective rights and responsibilities in meeting citizen needs.

3. Equity

Services are based on an assessment of the needs of the specific person/family. SSCY understands and recognizes the role of the social determinants of health; services strive to meet the need of urban, rural and northern residents.

4. Accessible and Flexible Service Delivery

Easy access to services; provides self-service options; provides coordinated case management if appropriate.

5. Transparent Communication

Communication is open, respectful and honest.

6. Staff Engagement
SSCY values staff, physicians, and volunteers, and a culture built on respect, inclusion, transparent communication, employee empowerment, responsibility and well-being.

7. Service Excellence

SSCY supports evidence-informed practice, quality improvement, research, evaluation, and risk management. Excellence will also reflect the effectiveness and efficiency of all the work we do.