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Join us for the RCC/SSCY Family Network Literacy Event!

May 17, 18

The RCC/SSCY Family Network invites you to an exciting event for the whole family at SCCY Centre!

Sunday May 27th 1:00-3:30pm

1pm Puppet play for children and parents/caregivers.  There might be some dragon puppets that need to be made and we will roar our way through the Paper Bag Princess.*

1:45pm Workshop by Bookmates The young dragons will fly off to fun and games with staff.  Parents and caregivers will learn all the fun, simple and different ways to incorporate books into the daily life of your child.

2:45pm Questions, discussions and sharing between parents 

RSVP to Maya Kirstein at mkirstein@rccinc.ca or 204-258-6538. Registration is required, and spots are limited.

We are focusing this event on children under the age of 10.  Children and caregivers of all reading levels as well as siblings are welcome.

*The Paper Bag Princess is written by Robert Munsch © 1980 Bob Munsch Enterprises (text), Michael Martchenko (art), published by Annick Press and used by Castlemoon Theatre with permission.