Welcome to the New SSCY Website! (Part 2)

Jun 22, 16

Part 1 told you about the design of our new website.  Now Part 2 is about the content!

The Content
Next up was writing and organizing the content… and there is a lot of information to share! Since so many different people would be using our website, we decided that having specific sections for different users would be the best way to organize our content. Clicking on a leaf in our tree navigation menu will bring you to content made for that user group. You can learn about the SSCY partnership, SSCY Centre, programs and services, loan programs, research, and much more! The Service Providers and Staff section even has a login page for SSCY Centre staff.

There is a lot of information on our website, so be sure to have a look around, but there are a few pages we want to make sure you see! On the Programs and Services pages you can learn about all the programs offered by the different partners at SSCY Centre. There is information about what each program is for, how to access the program, and what to expect during a visit. On the What’s Happening? and What’s New? pages you can read about upcoming events and important news items. There is also a Games Zone with SSCY games just for you! When we asked families what they wanted on the website, they said that they wanted to see pictures of their kids. So we made the Share a Story section – you can submit a photo and a story and have it featured on our website! We want to see you having fun and being yourself!

What’s Next?
We have a lot of great ideas for the website, but we just couldn’t fit them all in! In the future we want to add: an interactive map of the building, videos of our families and staff, a Health Portal (where you can login to see your own medical information), more information about different diagnoses, and much more!

We’re really happy with what we’ve created, and we hope you are too! We would love to hear what you think about our new SSCY website. Please have a look around and let us know what you like, what you don’t like, things we’re missing, things to add in the future, or anything else! We want to make sure that the SSCY website works for you, and has the information you want. You can email us at or

Cheers, and welcome!
Kira & Jessie