Welcome to SSCY Centre! Part 4 – Innovation Station, Renovation Station, and the Picture Studio

Nov 07, 16

Part 4 of our SSCY Centre Blog series is about Innovation Station, Renovation Station, and the Picture Studio!  Part 3 was about Clinic Crossing, the Speech and Hearing Junction, and Ability Acres.  Make sure to read our Blog each month to learn about all of our different neighbourhoods!


Innovation Station is home to our Prosthetics & Orthotics (P&O) and Mechanical Design & Services (MD&S) Departments.

  • P&O provides assessment, custom design and fabrication, fitting and finishing of prostheses and orthoses.
  • P&O has many different rooms with special equipment that are used for the different steps in making prostheses and orthoses.
  • P&O has recently starting using CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) technology to improve the design and fabrication of the devices they provide.
  • The P&O staff are highly credentialed clinicians and technicians, and are certified by Orthotics Prosthetics Canada. They provide the “Gold Standard” of prosthetic & orthotic care in rehabilitation.
  • MD&S provides and modifies equipment, to make sure it is right for you.
  • From our waiting area you can watch us work on your equipment!


In the Renovation Station you can borrow Active Living Centre equipment or a car seat, or have equipment modified.

  • The Active Living Centre is part of our LIFE Program. Families can borrow specialized and adapted equipment, such as bikes, beach wheelchairs, wet suits, and sports equipment.
    bike             wetsuit
  • Families can borrow car seats or transportation vests from our Special Needs Car Seats Program.
  • You can learn more about these loan programs here.


The Picture Studio is where you go to get an x-ray at SSCY Centre.

  • You can check in at the desk in Clinic Crossing for your x-ray, and then come to the Picture Studio.
  • Our equipment lets us take different types of x-rays, so that everybody can get what they need.
  • Our fun lights let you make the room your favourite colour while you get an x-ray!


You can learn more about the programs and services in these neighbourhoods here.


Next month will be the last post in this series, so be sure to check back to learn about Kids’ Care Corner, Success Heights, and the Meeting Place!