Welcome to SSCY Centre! Part 3 – Clinic Crossing, Speech and Hearing Junction, and Ability Acres

Sep 12, 16

Part 3 of our SSCY Centre Blog series is about Clinic Crossing, the Speech and Hearing Junction, and Ability Acres!  Part 1 was about some of the special things in the building, and Part 2 was about The Square, Central Park and Discovery Park.  Make sure to read our Blog each month to learn about all of our neighbourhoods!


In Clinic Crossing you will find the Winnipeg office of the Children’s Therapy Initiative, the Rehabilitation Centre for Children Clinics, the Child Development Clinic, and the Manitoba FASD Centre.

  • Children’s Therapy Initiative (CTI) makes it easy to get different services. Parents, caregivers, doctors and other clinicians may make referrals through CTI for audiology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech-language pathology services.  You can learn more about CTI here.
  • Check in at our reception desk when you come for a clinic appointment. There are a lot of toys and activities to play with while you wait!  There is also a Family Quiet Room, if you want a quiet place to sit.
  • On one busy clinic day a group of kids started a game of The Floor is Lava using the shadows made by the hanging leaves. We are really happy that kids are having fun together in our new building!
  • There are many different clinics in Clinic Crossing, and enough big rooms to fit everybody! Some of our rooms have special equipment for the different clinics.



In the Speech and Hearing Junction there is Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology, and the Specialized Communication Resources for Children program.

  • Check in at front reception for your appointment in the Speech and Hearing Junction.
  • Our Audiology Area has many rooms and kinds of equipment for all of our different services. For example, we have a special sound treated room to check children’s hearing.  We also have a room that is only used when children need hearing aids.
  • The Specialized Communication Resources for Children library is here too. The Library has over 700 adapted children’s picture books and activities you can borrow!  You can learn more about it here.

book bags        books


Ability Acres is where Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy are.

  • Check in at front reception for your appointment in Ability Acres.
  • Our big gym has a lot of different types of equipment for everybody!


  • We also have a room where you can practice activities of daily living, like getting into a bathtub. This room helps children and youth learn and practice important skills!



You can learn more about the programs and services in these neighbourhoods here.  We are all getting used to our new home, and we hope that you like coming to SSCY Centre too!


Check back here in November to learn about Innovation Station, Renovation Station, and the Picture Studio!