Welcome to SSCY Centre! Part 2 – The Square, Central Park & Discovery Park

Aug 01, 16

Part 1 of our blog series about SSCY Centre told you about some of the special things in the building. The next few posts will tell you more about the different neighbourhoods! Up first are The Square, Central Park and Discovery Park.


When you first come into SSCY Centre, you are in The Square!

  • You should check-in with our receptionists, and they will tell you where to go for your appointment
  • The SSCY Concierge can help you with parking, getting around the building, moving equipment, and other things you may want help with
  • Our waiting area has:
    • toys and games
    • a fun clock tower
    • our Family Kitchenette, which has a fridge, freezer, microwave, sink, toaster oven, dishwasher, coffee machine and vending machines
    • a Family Quiet Room, for families to use when they need a quiet place to go
    • SSCY Capital Campaign and Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation donor information
    • information pamphlets about different programs and resources
  • The SSCY Family Resource Centre has:
    • many resources about special needs and general health issues
    • a toy lending library
    • computers and internet for families to use
    • lockers for families to use
  • The Leisure in Fun Environments (LIFE) program has its office here – you can:
    • join a summer day camp
    • join a recreation program
    • borrow from our equipment loan program


Central Park is our inside play area.
We have lots of toys, activities and places to sit. Kids of all ages (and parents and staff!) like playing with the gel bubbles, car track, and digital fish tank.
One extra fun thing is our waterfall that you can touch. There have even been reports of little break-ins to try to touch the waterfall from the receptionists’ side!
A lot of families come early before their appointment so that they can play in Central Park!


Discovery Park is our outside play area.
The Rehabilitation Centre for Children Broadway Bear stands guard in front of our fenced garden. There are sand and water play areas, talking tubes, wind chimes, drums, and toys. We also have tables with umbrellas for our hot summer days. Make sure to visit Discovery Park before it snows!


Check back here next month to learn about Clinic Crossing, the Speech and Hearing Junction, and Ability Acres!