Welcome to SSCY Centre! (Part 1)

Jul 05, 16

Since we are all new to the beautiful SSCY Centre, our next series of blog posts will let you know about some of the cool things in the building!  SSCY Centre is in the historic Christie’s Biscuits Building (which was built in 1932!), at 1155 Notre Dame Ave in Winnipeg.  We moved in during the spring of 2016.  SSCY Centre was designed for our children, youth and families.  It is important that families are comfortable here, and that SSCY Centre is safe and welcoming for everybody.
IMG_1765   IMG_1766


You can learn about all the amenities in SSCY Centre here, but here are some special things!

  • The building has two floors, and is almost 93 000 square feet big! We need such a big building to fit all of our programs and services.
  • The original building had a lot of windows and skylights, which now help make SSCY Centre a very bright and cheerful place!
  • SSCY clients and families can park for free in front of the building. 12 of the parking spots are extra big to make it easier to load and un-load equipment.IMG_1761
  • There are 23 washrooms in SSCY Centre. There is space in all the washrooms for different types of equipment, most have change tables, three have showers for families to use, and four have overhead lifts.
    IMG_1758   IMG_1757
  • Families can borrow strollers, wheelchairs and lockers while at SSCY Centre. Just ask at Front Reception!
  • We have free WIFI for families to use while at SSCY Centre.


SSCY Centre is made up of many neighbourhoods.  Something different happens in each neighbourhood, and each one has its own colour.  Our neighbourhoods are:

  • The Square– multi-coloured
  • Central Park– multi-coloured
  • Discovery Park – dark green
  • Clinic Crossing – light blue
  • Ability Acres – dark blue
  • Speech & Hearing Junction – light green
  • Innovation Station – purple
  • Renovation Station – purple
  • The Picture Studio – yellow
  • Kids’ Care Corner – orange
  • Success Heights – beige
  • Meeting Place – gray blue
  • Garage – gray


Since we are in a new building, a lot of people don’t know what’s nearby!  Our website has directions to SSCY Centre here and a list of things near SSCY Centre here.  If you know of something good near SSCY Centre please let us know, so that we can help each other explore our new neighbourhood!


Check back here next month to learn what you can do in The Square, Central Park and Discovery Park!