Respect for Each Other
We promote a positive, healthy and respectful environment. All people are honoured at SSCY Centre. Staff, volunteers, visitors and families share the responsibility to treat each other with respect and dignity. Each of us needs to ensure everyone feels safe from aggressive behaviour, harassment or verbal abuse. Please do your part to make this a safe and respectful environment for everyone.

Client Privacy
The staff of SSCY Centre work very hard to maintain confidentiality to keep your medical and treatment information private. Unfortunately, there may be times when you cannot help but overhear information about a fellow client. Should this happen, please do not share the information with anyone else. Please leave it with us, where it belongs.

Scent-Free Building
SSCY Centre is a scent-free facility. For the health and wellness of clients, staff and visitors, please refrain from wearing scented products while you are here.

Smoke-Free Building
SSCY Centre and grounds are smoke-free.