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Join us for our new learning series, Breakfast at SSCY!

Dec 08, 17

Specialized Services for Children and Youth invites you to join us for Breakfast at SSCY, our monthly learning series!

 Ready to Eat? Can training caregivers improve participation in feeding for children with cerebral palsy?

Participation in feeding is important for children of all skill levels from a social and emotional perspective, as well as to enhance communication and development. Yet, children with cerebral palsy (CP) with difficulty feeding and swallowing may be excluded from participation for fear of negative health consequences. This talk will present evidence that feeding training methods can improve participation in safe feeding.


Learning Objectives:

  1. List the benefits of participation in feeding for all children regardless of their feeding abilities
  2. Elucidate the pros and cons of balancing risk and fostering participation in feeding
  3. Articulate the importance of engaging caregivers in feeding training across environments in order to promote safe feeding participation for children with CP
  4. Identify important elements of caregiver training and resource development in a variety of care settings


Presented By: Dr Gina Rempel, MD, and Barb Borton, OT, MSc, on behalf of the Feeding Clinic at the Rehabilitation Centre for Children

When: 8:15 – 9:00 am, Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Where: Northern Lights Room, 2nd floor of SSCY Centre, 1155 Notre Dame Ave

Parking: The SSCY Centre parking lot has paid visitor parking, and street parking may be available

Telehealth: A Telehealth link is available upon request

Breakfast at SSCY sessions are the second Tuesday of each month at SSCY Centre (starting January 2018).  There will be time for a group discussion after the presentation.  A light morning snack will be provided.


Everyone is welcome to attend!

Please contact the SSCY Centre Research Coordinator for more information or to request a Telehealth link: Jessie at jshea@rccinc.ca or (204) 258-6717.