Friends for LIFE: Therapeutic Recreation and Wellness Program at SSCY Centre

Sep 05, 17

The LIFE Program (Leisure in Fun Environments) at the Rehabilitation Centre for Children offers many recreation and wellness programs for our children, youth and families!  The LIFE Program is generously funded by the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation.  It includes:

  • Active Living Centre
  • RBC Therapeutic Recreation and Wellness program
  • Summer day camps

Family is the most important environment for any child.  We believe that learning happens best when we are in a physically and emotionally safe place, and have caring relationships with family and friends.  We get to know the children and youth so that we can meet each one at their own ability level. We provide opportunities for independent thinking and decision making with trusted guides.  The journey is more important than the destination!  This means that the memories we make together and the skills we learn along the way are what matter most.  We make sure that all of our programs help our children and youth reach their full potential!


Summer Day Camps
We have six weeks of Summer Day Camps, for youth aged 12-21.  There are a few spaces in camp for younger children with complex physical care needs.  Camps are in July and August, and campers can come to camp for up to two weeks.   Sun and Fun Camp starts at the same place every day, for campers who like having a predictable day.  These camps have swimming, art, music, crafts, bike rides, water fights, yoga, bowling, and sports.  Out and About Camp starts at a different place each day.  Campers can go to water slides, the zoo, Fort Whyte Alive, Fringe Festival, bowling, mini-golf, archery, and museums.  We have the same number of Recreation Support Workers as campers, so that each camper gets the support they need to have a great time at camp!


RBC Therapeutic Recreation and Wellness Program
These programs are available during the school year (September to June), after school and on weekends.  These programs are for children and youth up to age 21.  We have many different programs, such as Saturday Night for Teens, Cooking Clubs, yoga, music therapy, bowling, gardening, Test-Drive-A-Bike Days, swimming, Fall Festival, and Spa Day.  There is something for everybody, and our Recreation Support Workers make sure everybody gets the support they need.  Some of our programs are for the whole family, so that parents and siblings can join in the fun!


Active Living Centre
This is an equipment loan program.  Families, therapists and schools can borrow equipment for free for 3-week periods.  We have many different types of equipment, including specialized and adapted bikes, beach wheelchairs, flotation aids, wetsuits, cooking equipment, balance devices, adapted games, and sports equipment.


Where can I learn more?
You can read more about the LIFE Program on our Programs and Services page or in our information sheet.  You can also watch a webinar about our program philosophy here.  If you would like to be added to our contact list to receive program registration information, please contact Yvonne at (204) 258-6500 or