A Glimpse: SSCY Concierge for a day!

Feb 21, 17

Bree is the friendly Concierge here at the Specialized Services for Children and Youth (SSCY) Centre.  Before we opened we asked our families what they wanted in SSCY Centre. A lot of families said they wanted someone to help them with equipment, directions, information…and anything else they might need when they come to the Centre.  So that is what our Concierge is here for!  This brand new position was made to have somebody to help families with anything they need in the building.

Each day is different, but what is unchanged is Bree’s dedication to helping. She is a Rehabilitation Assistant by training.  She is here to help with things like transferring your child in and out of your vehicle, helping with parking, and helping move your equipment within SSCY Centre. She can also give you information on amenities within SSCY Centre and our neighbourhood, such as restaurants or the fastest route to the bus depot or airport.

On any given day at SSCY Centre you will find her cleaning toys, moving equipment, checking in specialized bicycles and books, or delivering materials to different departments. However, she makes it her priority to help clients and families first! Please feel free to ask her if you have any questions, want some directions, or need any help.

SSCY Centre has programs where you can sign-out specialized items (view some of the cool things that are available here), and she also helps with these programs. She helps with quality checks and sanitation, to make sure these items are working properly and are safe for you to use at home.

Regularly, families will come to SSCY Centre with equipment that needs to be modified, such as a bicycle or high-chair. Or, maybe it needs to be returned from loan-out, such as a specialized car-seat or snow sled. Equipment such as walkers and wheelchairs are also delivered, and they need to be taken to our holding room. For these things Bree is your go-to person, and she is happy to help you and your family get this done!

Her phone number is (204) 258-6777. You can call her to meet you outside when you arrive, if you need help from your vehicle. Her desk is beside Security by the main entrance. Here she keeps the family locker keys and her desktop computer – which happily Googles places, routes, and directions to various spots within the city!

Thanks so much for checking out our website, and for taking the time to learn more about what it is that we offer. Make sure you say hi to Bree during your next visit to SSCY Centre!